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Push To Card Payment

Push To Card Payment allows you to move fund from a Deposit Account to an external card instantly. It is an async api, i.e, you will need to subscribe to payment.rejected event and payment.sent in order to understand if the payment was sent or rejected.

Push To Card Status#

Push to card payment has a status attribute, which represents its current status.

PendingPayment was created but not yet proccessed. At this point the funds have already been debited from the Deposit Account but have not yet been sent and are still not available in the external card.
SentPayment is completed. At this point the funds should become available in the external card.
RejectedPayment was rejected.

Create Push To Card payment#

Create a push to card payment to an external card that is registered in Astra.

Required Scopepayments-write
Data TypepushToCardPayment
Timeout (Seconds)5


amountintegerThe amount (in cents).
descriptionstringPayment description (maximum of 50 characters).
configurationConfigurationProvider configuration.
idempotencyKeystringOptional. See Idempotency.
tagsobjectOptional. See Tags. Tags will be inherited to any transaction created by this payment (see Tag Inheritance).


accountJSON:API RelationshipThe Deposit Account originating the payment.
Example Request:
curl -X POST ''-H 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json'-H 'Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}'--data-raw '{  "data": {    "type": "pushToCardPayment",    "attributes": {      "amount": "42",      "description": "Push to card payment description",      "configuration": {        "astra": {          "authToken": "<ASTRA_AUTH_TOKEN>",          "institutionId": "astra_ins_942",          "destinationCardId": "8ub2371a-nc35-4e1c-acfb-3fd42317m986",          "routingNumber": "042214241",          "accountNumber": "308423524285",          "referenceId": "referenceId-42"        }      }    },    "relationships": {      "account": {        "data": {          "type": "depositAccount",          "id": "4242"        }      }    }  }}'


Response is a JSON:API document.

201 Created#

dataPushToCardPaymentThe target resource after the operation was completed.
Example Response:
{  "data": {    "type": "pushToCardPayment",    "id": "7",    "attributes": {      "createdAt": "2023-03-30T11:08:49.411Z",      "amount": 250,      "direction": "Credit",      "description": "My Unit Account to Card Routine #10",      "status": "Pending"    },    "relationships": {      "account": {        "data": {          "type": "account",          "id": "75"        }      },      "customer": {        "data": {          "type": "customer",          "id": "77"        }      },      "transaction": {        "data": {          "type": "transaction",          "id": "82"        }      },      "org": {        "data": {          "type": "org",          "id": "401"        }      },      "achPayment": {        "data": {          "type": "achPayment",          "id": "188"        }      }    }  }}