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Fees are a way for you to bill your customer for their activity, and can be used for everything from monthly subscriptions to financial activity fees (payments, card issuance etc.)

Some fees exist natively within the Unit platform. The list of native fees is documented in the table below. All fees default to $0, and can be updated by reaching out to your Unit contact. The list of native fees is updated from time to time as new financial products are added to the platform.

The fees will be paid to your Revenue Account and will show up on the customer monthly statements.

Fee Type
Card issuance fee
Incoming ACH payment
Outgoing ACH payment
Incoming Wire
Outgoing Wire

To charge the customer for activities and services that are not covered by the native fees, you may use the fees API.


Any fees charged must be disclosed in any required customer agreements or terms as determined by Unit compliance. Please consult with the Unit Compliance team prior to charging any customer fees.

Create Fee#

Creates a fee for an Account.

Required Scopeaccounts-write
Data Typefee
Timeout (Seconds)5


amountintegerThe amount (in cents) to charge the account.
descriptionstringDescription of the fee (maximum of 50 characters).
tagsobjectOptional. See Tags.
idempotencyKeystringOptional, but strongly recommended. See Idempotency.


accountJSON:API RelationshipThe account to charge the fee.
Example Request:
curl -X POST ''-H 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json'-H 'Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}'--data-raw '{  "data": {    "type": "fee",    "attributes": {      "amount": 1000,      "description": "Monthly Subscription"    },    "relationships": {      "account": {        "data": {          "type": "depositAccount",          "id": "10097"        }      }    }  }}'


Response is a JSON:API document.

201 Created#

dataFeeThe requested resource after the operation was completed.
Example Response:
{  "data": {    "type": "fee",    "id": "1234",    "attributes": {      "amount": 1000,      "description": "Monthly Subscription"    },    "relationships": {      "account": {        "data": {          "type": "depositAccount",          "id": "10097"        }      }    }  }}